Hima Wazir

Howdy Ladies,

I am Hima - A Corporate Trainer by Profession, a Psychologist by Education, and a Writer and Travel Enthusiast by Passion. But for you - I am just a FRIEND!

After dreaming, for which loomed like ages, I finally decided to put my laptop to a more fulfilling use and commenced this blog on the night of 23rd Dec, 2020, and the only company I had was my pot of chamomile Tea.

Tell you, with more than a decade’s professional experience in Coaching/Training, and perceptively looking at my own life, I have come to realize that we all yearn to belong somewhere, we all seek our TRIBE – our safe space – a space that offers compassion and support, doesn’t judge, and is always accessible. This blog is my attempt at creating that space for you and myself. THIS is going to be OUR SPACE.

I intend to share my thoughts, knowledge, and experiences as a woman in hopes that someone out there finds the friend they need, the guide they seek, and the travel partner they deserve.

I want you to accompany me on this journey called-life. Let’s learn from each other and make it a joyous ride.

Sounds like fun? What are you waiting for then - Hop on!

If you vibe with me, I am leaving you with my email address below.

You know what to do – Get in touch, I mean.

Much love

Write to me : hima@allthingswomanly.com