So much has been said about 2020-21 that talking about it anymore feels like adopting the fad, but is it really a fad ? I don’t think so.

These two years have been a testament to a one-off experience that the entire humankind has lived, so how can we not talk about it!

But these years weren’t just about the pandemic alone, if you have been perceptive enough, closely looking at your lives and of those around you, you’d resonate with me when I say that we all have been going through a shift collectively, yet transitioning at our own individual level, and transitions are bound to bring with them light-bulb moments, wake-up calls, changes, lessons, past traumas, transformation, uncertainty, whatever you want to call it, but none of this is ever easy.

Stay with me while I share some of my revelations and see if you can relate to any of the lessons below:

Being Authentic Isn’t Cushy:

“Be yourself, the world will adjust,” heard the saying?

The expression “Your Authentic Self” has been thrown around a lot recently and I wouldn’t lie, it does have a nice ring to it. It feels uplifting to hear such quotes, isn’t it?

But I must tell you, it’s not a journey for the faith-hearted.

Being Authentic means being your true self, it also means “being different” as we all are unique in our way, and we know that the world doesn’t take kindly of anything/anyone that’s different.

It doesn’t have to be too dramatic, If you aren’t mainstream in any capacity –  if you are an atheist, or you don’t judge people for their eating preferences, or let’s say you don’t look at the institution of marriage like most do – your path is not going to be cushy, there are going to be disappointments, disagreements, name-calling, rude judgements, and a lot more.

But it’s your path nonetheless, you either succumb to the way of the world or make your own way.

Learning To Feel Absolutely At Home With Yourself:

Want a superpower that you already have access to?

It’s being absolutely happy in your own company and not feeling lonely!

Life is unpredictable anyway, we know nothing stays forever, we shouldn’t need a pandemic to learn to be comfortable and content with just ourselves.

It’s great to have a supportive community that cares for us, sure, but it’s also paramount that we feel happy when alone, that’s where the true power lies.

Even for someone who likes to spend time with herself, I’ve realized that reaching that dangerous level wherein you can sustain all by yourself is something that everyone needs to train themselves on.

Easier said than done? Yeah, that’s why it’s a lesson!

Things Happen In Divine Timing, If They Are To Happen:

I’ve come to believe in the premise of divine timing, off-late, and that no matter how hard we try, how bad we want, or how earnestly we pray, things will happen when they are destined to happen.

I know “delay” isn’t a word anybody likes to hear, but sometimes things are just not in our control.

Doesn’t it make us feel helpless? Sure, it does, but there is still one thing we can do and that’s – believing!

And trying, of course.


Forgiveness has always sounded like a heavy word to me, guess it actually is.

I see life as a mixed bag of experiences, where some events are soul-stirring, others leave our soul shaken for what may feel like an eternity. The accumulation of debris these experiences leave behind in our system becomes toxic over time, making us sick both physically and emotionally.

Most of us aren’t even aware when the heaviness we have been inadvertently carrying around through life cycles, begins to weigh us down, and our body and soul cry out for a release. That release is what I call – Forgiveness!

Forgiveness isn’t a quick fix, it’s a journey, a long journey at that, but we got to start somewhere.

Not that we love to learn the lessons that life is so hell-bent on making us go through, the truth is that there is no running away from them.

They say our learnings make us wiser and I already feel like a Savant!

What have you learnt lately? Care to share?


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