Nature is magical, isn’t it?

Sometimes it’s a romantic notion, other times something more real and lasting. It’s this nature that makes our heart sing with joy and it’s the same nature that fills us with philosophical melancholia.

Nature has always been evocative to me and I am grateful for everything it has ever made me feel – Love, joy, sadness, nostalgia.

The closer I get to it, the more my heart yearns for it, and so my exploration continues. 

It was not long ago that my explorative soul took me on a journey so memorable that I thought about sharing, what my eyes saw and my being soaked up, with my tribe.

I am talking about ASSAM.

Getting To Know Assam

One of the northeastern gems of India, Assam needs no introduction. Every time I am in Assam, I am reminded of how culturally rooted, warm, and beautiful this state is.

But my admiration for Assam is not a new-found sentiment, I was first introduced to this green delight when I was 14 years old and I have come a long way in my fascination for this gem.

Bamboo Huts And Wetlands

You know you are in Assam when you are greeted by those tiny bamboo huts, artistically standing right in the middle of wetlands and the view is so enchanting that you’ll start envisioning yourself living in one of those cabins, right away.

Although Assam’s heavenliness can be witnessed from the sky too, but if you really want to experience the real Assam, a road or a train journey would be your best bet. There’s nothing like sitting by the window and enjoying the meadows spread as far as your eyes can see.

Plan a trip during monsoon and the whole experience will be etched in your memory forever.

Village Life In Assam

Kampur, Nagaon

I believe the kernel of any place lies in its pristine way of life. If you want to see the unadulterated version of any place, go get a glimpse of its village life.

I’d consider a visit to Assam incomplete if it doesn’t entail experiencing its beautiful towns/villages.

Amsoi, Nagaon

What I loved most about these untouched beauties was the narrow avenues making their way through the insanely dense forests on both sides. Tell you, those fantasy-like views are every adventurer’s dream

And if you happen to be driving on these roads, it’s very imminent for you to be overpowered by a strong impulse to park your car on the roadside and just wander aimlessly in the backwoods.

Tea Gardens

Tea Plantation: Dibrugarh

I presume a lot of you tea lovers must have enjoyed sipping on the world-famous Assamese Tea, but how many of you have witnessed tea gardens in all their glory? Just asking! 

Finding yourself in the midst of a tea plantation mushroomed across the mountains, leisurely walking through the muddy aisles with only nature to accompany you, is a moment that can only be lived and not narrated.

During my time in Dibrugarh, I got to live a similar moment!

Where To Stay In Assam?

Nature camps and cottages are some of the best options to enjoy your stay in Assam.

In fact, A World Heritage Site, Kaziranga National Park not only offers safaries, but also encompasses some of the most scenic lodges for the nature lovers.

A homestay booked through Airbnb is also something that can be considered.

How To Reach Assam?

Delhi and Guwahati are well connected by fight, train, and bus. The fastest way to reach Guwahati is obviously by a flight, but if you have enough days on your hands, a train journey is something you should definitely factor in.

Now that the pandemic situation is letting up and the travel scenes look promising, I’d like to believe that you’ve already started refreshing your Travel bucket list.

And whatever you do – “a Revenge travel” or a “Well-deserved travel,” don’t forget to add Assam to your list.


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