Being someone who spends a ridiculous amount of time in her head, I am always engulfed in the mist of thoughts that sometimes manage to spill over into my physical world. It’s like this gateway between two realms and you can come and go at your discretion. And though I would prefer to float around leisurely in my inner world all day every day, I often get forced to keep coming back to my external reality.

If any of this is relatable, you’d know, someone who lives in their mind spends a major part of their waking hours figuring out answers to the perennial questions about the what and how of life. And one of the most pressing mysteries that my philosophical mind has been trying to wrap itself around is about “what kind of life should we aspire to create for ourselves?” A life, when we look back at, will most likely loom to be a life well-lived.

No I am not referring to the infamous existential crises that a lot of us are actually faced with, considering the times we are living in, still it may feel as confusing as the crises itself.

And while I have been grappled with what matters the most in life, I thought of bringing it to my tribe for its inputs.

So what do you think is a good life? How do you wish your future to look, when you envision it in your mind?

What do you think keeps us going as we sail through the unpredictable and sometimes turbulent waters of our life’s journey?


What’s your relationship with money like? Are you someone who believes in the time-worn notion that money can’t buy happiness or are you someone who thinks that money has the power to transform lives?

My own relationship with wealth has undergone a metamorphosis off late. It’s not a question of money anymore, I intent on manifesting abundance. The idea is that your pockets should be full before you use them to fill others’ empty pockets.

Some of us would say that money can and does buy happiness in many ways than we’d like to admit.
But do you think being rich ensures a happier life?

Can money be that critical ingredient in the secret sauce that makes our lives fulfilling?

Healthy Social Connections?

Life is hard.

It won’t be an overstatement to say that we all have stuff to deal with. And while we may have a lot of money, let’s just accept it that our needs go way beyond that.

It’s not our bank account that consoles us when we go through a heart-break, but a friend. It’s not the amount of cash in our wallet that gives us the courage to overcome a failure, but our family. It’s not the bonds and shares we hold that hold us in our weakest moments, but our loved ones. And it’s not our investments that lend us an ear when all we want is to vent out our feelings, but someone who really cares.

The fact is that we are social beings and there is no denying that we all have social and emotional needs, which when left unmet, become the bane of pain in our lives.

So, then, is it about the network of dependable connections we keep that makes our lives enriching?

There must be some reason why words like community, tribe, collective consciousness have been making the rounds.

Purpose in life?

Ever asked yourself – “What’s the purpose of my life?” It’s okay if you haven’t.

While many are on a quest to find the reason for their existence, there is no rule book that says that a life without a purpose is not a life worth living, especially when most of us have no clue of who we are and what we are meant to do. But for those who do end up finding their purpose, it’d be intriguing to know how their lives turn out.

Finding our purpose is an intimate journey and so it may mean different things to different people.

Whether you are someone who has been craving for a career change that makes more sense than your current job, or you have recently discovered that your life is all about serving humanity, may be you think you are born to live free and travel the world, or even if you want to do something more dramatic like becoming a monk, whatever that purpose is for you, do you think it will make you look back and say – Yes, I led a good life?

Tell you, I often close my eyes and try to visualize my ideal life, the life I would want to be living many years from now, and while I just get to see the glimpse of it, it does fill me with the hope that my good life perhaps can be my reality and not just a distant dream.

What do you see when you visualize your happily ever after – what does your good life look like?


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