Have You Met Your Best Friend Yet?

Yeah yeah, I know Friendship day is long gone, but that’s no reason not to talk about something that’s such an indispensable part of our lives – a bond so special among the rest that we lovingly call the person – our Best Friend.

So, how many best friends do you have or have had? Or if no one is that privileged in your life at the moment? It doesn’t really matter.

What matters the most is the fact that while we were so caught up in our friendships and their intricacies in our external reality, there was a friend who was constantly yearning for our attention, longingly waiting for us to realize their existence, craving to find a place in our world.

I am here to introduce you to the best friend, you didn’t have to have a chance encounter with, to get introduced to.

It’s a best friend who already likes what you like, and feels what you feel. They see your pain and construe your joys. It’s a best friend who loves you more than anyone else ever will.

And it’s time you meet this best friend of yours, if you haven’t already.

Shall we?

1. A Best Friend Who’s Always There When No One Is:

If you have had the opportunity to listen to some of those thought-provoking discourses by Sadhguru (an Indian Yogi and Author), you’d often find him saying that human relationships are never absolute and they will never be. People are constantly evolving – they either change, leave, or die.

And despite being someone with a mind of her own, I couldn’t help but mentally stop at every single word he said during one such discourse I happened to stumble upon one afternoon. And those words are forever etched on my mind.

Okay, I am not being dramatic, but do you truly believe it’s possible to have our best friend by our side at all times we need?

Think of those tribulations, the onerous days or may be anxious nights, did you always have someone saying all the nice things to you, giving you the courage to go on, silently making you see the bigger picture, softly whispering “I got youin your ears?

As a matter of fact, You did!

There was someone doing all of that, every single time you were in a soup, the only difference is that you didn’t hear them.

It was the best friend, you were born with – YOU yourself!

So, if you ever need to confide in someone, you need a positive talk to lift your spirits, and you don’t see anyone else around, turn to your best friend and ask for help.

This best friend of yours exists to fulfil only one purpose – to help you!

2. A Best Friend Who Offers Deeper Insights Into Who You Really are:

Do we really know ourselves? Do we?

Who are we without our families and pets, sans the jobs we do, in the absence of the friends, partners, and social network we keep?

What would be your answer to the question “Tell me about yourself?”

Would you be able to tell me what puts a smile on your face? Which part of life gives you your brand of high? What is it that you want to stay miles away from? What do you think about at those sacred hours in the night, before you hit the sack? What kind of a person are you? Your dreams, your desires, your purpose and so much more?

Well, we’d likely need to set some time aside for that, but you got the gist, didn’t you?

Of late, I’ve found ourselves throwing around words like Self-love, self-realization, Self-esteem, self-awareness a lot, which is good, but what are we doing about achieving all of that? Let’s not forget, it all starts with SELF in the end or actually, in the beginning.

It’s simple, really – By getting in touch with your best friend, who knows you more than anyone else.

3. A Best Friend You Can Share Every Single Thing With – No Judgements!

Yes, we do share our concerns and secrets with our best friends. At least we think we do.

But do we always get to share every single thought that troubles us, our deepest desires, our guilts and insecurities, our ugliest secrets, without the fear of getting judged? May be we do, may be we don’t. But I believe, even if we do, we never really fully release all that’s inside of us.

Like they say – we take somethings
with us to our grave! Dramatic again? Oh come on, a little bit of drama is good, you see.

The idea is to have someone you don’t have to filter your thoughts with, someone you know is listening with all their ability and intent, a best friend who wants nothing but to be there for you, and if you listen carefully – your best friend talks back too!

Don’t get me wrong, I have always had some really great best friends all my life, well for the most part of it, been fortunate in that department. But I was lucky enough to find my true best friend quite earlier in life and while other best friends kept coming and going, she hasn’t left my side ever since. And I am glad she didn’t.

Call out to your best friend who is waiting to be found.

And once you find yours, cherish them forever!


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