The Basic Guide To Navigating Through Difficult Times

If there is one thing I don’t have to tell you, that’s about the hard times. We all have been there, some might still be in the middle of the chaos, the degree and magnitude might vary, sure, but I know you feel me on this one.

Difficult chapters of our lives are called difficult for a reason and while we go through the tribulations, keeping one’s lucidity intact can be another challenge.

If life has been generous to you in that fashion, you’d know that finding your way through the murky waters feels very similar to healing, where some days we may feel we are on the right path, and then there are days which feel more like a disappointing relapse, but testing times go on relentlessly, then why should we ever stop!

To keep yourself from giving into the dark when the light seems to be chintzy, what do you do to go on?

Here are a few basics that can help us restore some balance, when we find ourselves losing it a tad:

1. Stick To A Routine:

Sometimes, when life gets messy, giving up looms like a tempting prospect, but that’s the last thing we’d want, because once we give into the darkness, coming out of that pit can be a greater pain in some areas! So, what’s the most basic thing one can do to stay afloat, while the storm is busy causing havoc in our world – Stick to a routine! Whatever that routine means to you.

Our sense of control is the first thing that goes out of the window, when life decides to go haywire on us. How much can you do about your situation, if you are already down with the feelings of helplessness and powerlessness? Not much!

We can always start with small steps, if doing anything dramatic feels too much. Start by chalking out a routine, if you don’t already have one or stick to the one, if you have.

Doing something as rudimentary as getting up and hitting the sack at the same time every day, taking care of your personal hygiene, cleansing your space, creating a meal plan, or following a to-do list like I do, are a few things that can bring some structure to your days, and sometimes, that’s enough to get you going.

2. Reach out:

There are times when there is only one person/a few people between your sanity and losing it (for all the right reasons, I mean) and I am not even kidding.

Hear me out – No one can manage life all by themselves, we need social connections to survive and thrive, and more so to help us sail through the turbulent waters. That connection can be anyone; a neighbor for a five min chat, a sibling to share your anxieties with, a partner to discuss your issues with, a friend to talk about your deepest struggles to, or even your nieces and nephews, like I do, to bring a breath of fresh air to your otherwise congested mind.

The idea is to reach out, talk to a human, and if you don’t feel like discussing your life troubles, then talk about theirs.

I am not advocating dependence on people, not at all, in fact, you may not have people to de-stress yourself every single time, what I am really implying here is that don’t try to do it all alone, if you have someone to share with. Seek help when needed. It will make you feel better, I promise!

3. Keep Yourself Engaged:

When we do things that matter to us, we feel content, don’t we? So what if one or two areas of our lives are going through the grill, that doesn’t mean we have zero control on our life. What best we can do is to do what we can.

Indulge yourself in things that make you feel productive in a sense that you are doing something meaningful with your life and not wasting it away. Take up that course you’ve always wanted to, learn that foreign language you might want to teach in future, it can be the time to dust up your personal project that can lead to the career change you have been desiring for long.

Engaging ourselves in pursuits that mean something to us takes our mind off the things which may not be going all that great in life, and will keep you from freaking out.

I started this blog during the pandemic, and I’m sure you too must have taken up something. What’s that?

4. Pay Extra Attention To Your Health:

Ever heard health is wealth? Of course you have! But I think it’s more than that, health is everything, and is always at risk!

I have started to look at the challenging phases in life as the transformational times. When life happens for us (and not happens TO us) as they say, it doesn’t feel like a pleasant happening. Profound transitions are very likely to have profound impact on our physical and mental health, that’s why it is imperative that we make sure we double the efforts towards taking care of our overall wellbeing, so we are in a glorious shape to be able to implement our learnings in the future.

Simply put, make eating healthy, exercising, and meditating (even breathing exercises will be great) a part of your life.

5. Go Easy On Yourself:

You feel like sleeping till late, sleep till late. You don’t feel like doing anything and just want to watch Netflix, then just watch Netflix, you don’t feel like talking to anyone, then heck don’t. What I mean is that when the going gets tough, it’s necessary that at least you don’t go tough on yourself.

Listen to your mind and body, if they ask for a break, you take a break. Be gentle, love and take care of yourself.

Breaks rejuvenate us and prepare us for life. While some breaks are voluntary, some may feel forced. Nonetheless, I have come to realize, most breaks are blessings in disguise.

We often hear people say that hard times aren’t forever. Well, I am still debating my stand on that, but one thing that I am sure about is that they are inevitable. These times will keep showing up whether we are ready or not. What can we do about that? I guess, nothing.

We can’t run away from the trials, can’t even hide. You see, our options are limited here; we can either fight, go with the flow, or just give in.

Or we can just keep trying…


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