Munnar: One of Nature’s Gems

What is that one thing that brings a sense of respite to your weary soul, that makes your heart sing with joy, that something, which fills you with pure bliss, the sight that’s a reminder that you are alive and blessed?

For me that’s Nature and its Greens and Greys!

And when I saw Munnar for the first time in pictures, I felt all of the above in my being and knew in that instant that I had to visit the place and so I did!

Let’s Give You A Taste Of Munnar:

On the way to Munnar

Have you ever seen a place so alluring that no matter how much you try, you aren’t able to really capture it’s true beauty in the camera, and so, you silently wish the world could see the marvel unfolding in front of you, through your eyes? I’d say visiting Munnar was one such moment for me.

Munnar is a picturesque hill station in the western Ghats of Kerala. One of the most sought-after travel destinations in South India, Munnar is celebrated for its lush green tea plantations and the idyllic charm. No doubt Kerala is popularly known as God’s own country as it has many nature’s gems under its belt and Munnar is one of them.

An accommodation nestled in the woods can be quite fulfilling for some, however if you still feel the urge to venture out and explore the hills, Munnar has many local attractions to satiate the wanderer in you. I explored Munnar Botanical Garden, Cheeyappara Waterfalls, Tea Museum, and Eravikulam National Park on a rainy day, with a corncob in my hand, and loved it to the hilt.

Cheeyappara Waterfalls

Munnar Botanical Garden

Reaching Munnar From Delhi:

There is no direct transport connectivity to Munnar. The fastest and most convenient way to reach Munnar from Delhi is by taking a flight to the nearest airport, which is Cochin International airport, then hiring a cab from there to Munnar.

Alternatively, you can also get your cab sorted through the hotel.

It’s an approx. 4 hr journey (around 111km), but it’s a journey you’d never want to end.

Where Did I Stay? Here…

The Tall Tree Resort

If you dream about staying in the middle of a woodland or a dense landscape of flora, then this resort is perfect for you.

After researching a lot for a place that can offer the soul soothing greenery and peace, I stumbled upon “The Tall Tree Resort” and that was the end of my search.

The resort is about 106km from the Cochin airport. You can book a cab directly with the resort, or pick one from the airport. Whatever you choose, the drive to the resort is breathtakingly beautiful. If you plan your travel during monsoon, expect the rain washed tea gardens and trees to welcome you on the way.

The resort boasts of housing 26 independent cottages surrounded by tall tress, as the name suggests. Walking anywhere from your cottage requires you to tread through the woods, which feels like an adventure in itself.

The rooms are tastefully decorated, keeping in mind the rustic and minimalist theme.

The hotel has an all-season swimming pool, an in-house restaurant, and it also offers traditional massage and wellbeing services, which I remember were quite pocket friendly.

Above all, What I liked the most about the resort was its super courteous and accommodating staff!

I’d say, the best time to visit Munnar is during monsoon, but that’s me. Still, if you do plan your travel around that time, make sure to carry an umbrella or a raincoat, whatever that works for you, as it does rain a lot in Munnar.

Rains or no rains, Munnar always manages to leave you spellbound by it’s scenic beauty.

Don’t you want to feel the magic?


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