Why Should Men Read Women Blogs?

The battle of sexes is an old, never ending battle, and let’s accept it – it’s here to stay. We need to know, if we don’t already, that Men and Women have been wired differently, and why not, after all both came from different planets! Oh come on, didn’t you know? Men are from Mars and Women from Venus (hope you didn’t buy that!) and so they seem to be missing “that something” to fathom the other completely, or maybe they don’t even try.

Being a woman, I find it interesting when I hear men getting grouchy about how it’s so hard to decode women, and I can’t help but roll my eyes at the predicament they are faced with. Not that I don’t sympathize with their struggles in any way, it’s just the impression of ignorance that comes along with the resignation on their part, that puts me off.

Therefore, I have decided not to sit on the sidelines of this battle and contribute, whatever minuscule I can, to at least bringing about some level of peace between the parties, if not dissolving this eternity old dispute.

So, let’s talk, a little, about how to understand women better. Yes, let’s demystify the mystery, as they say. And though I know, many men wish they could read women’s mind, there are other easy ways of achieving almost similar results, one such way is by reading women blogs.

It’s like getting a direct access to the sacred and classified world of women and that’s where the magic begins, so shall we?

1. It’ll Improve Your General Awareness about women, to start with:

Just a few days ago, one of my male friends, during an Instagram chat, bleakly mentioned that “ we (men) would never be able to understand women “and while I did try to ease his discomfort caused by the self-inflicted misery, I was left with a question in my mind – “but then, what are we doing about it?”

Men and Women may not have been carved from the same clay, but then we aren’t here to survive each other, we are here to live with each other in harmony and that harmony demands efforts.

If you ask me, I would say “Women aren’t that complicated at all.” But would men just take my word for that? Of course not! What they can do, instead, is to read about women. Read what all these women writers are saying about their gender, read them spill the secrets and serve them on a silver platter for you. It’s a free access to the knowledge that can make your life easier, so what’s the wait for?

Enhancing your awareness about women, in general, can resolve a lot of every day confusions and doubts that men loom to have about the gender.

2. Will Help You Go Beyond General Awareness and Know Women better:

Reading blogs/articles written by women for women will give you a sneak peek into women’s world. You’d know about their everyday struggles, challenges, what motivates them, what scares them, and what hurts them. Don’t you think, it’s an immensely valuable nugget of information that would help you connect with women at a deeper level?

And as you dig ever deeper, you would get more clarity on how a woman operates, thinks and processes things, and this will bust a few gender stereotypes, men have carried for a long time, about women.

By the way, a woman feeling emotional isn’t always a woman going through PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome, for those who don’t know!). There you go.

3. You Become A Pro At Picking Better Gifts For Them:

For all those men, who struggle to choose a gift for the women in their lives (I know many do, as I have helped my friends find a perfect gift for their ladies, without even knowing them), or maybe they have someone around who faces the same issues, I have a permanent solution to your concern – read blogs on women!

There are countless blogs on beauty, fashion, books, and what not, a little research can go a long way and she’d never have any doubts about your choice ever again.

This will work best, if you already have some understanding of the lady’s choice, and I’d like to believe you do!

I am closing the post with a study conducted by Dr. Albert Hsu; he discovered in his doctoral research that women read relatively equally between male and female authors (54%/46%), while men, on the other hand, are much more likely to read male authors than female authors (90%/10%) – (jenpollockmichel.com/blog/).

Now the results say a lot, but doesn’t it make sense, I mean, how many times do we hear women complain about men being complicated? I know, some would argue that men aren’t hard to read anyway, yet taking a cue from the data above, we can’t overlook the possibility that women know men more than men know women.

But we aren’t here to pick sides today, all I am saying is that writing someone off as being cumbersome to understand doesn’t help anyone, won’t it be better if we invest time in really knowing them instead?

Or may be, stop complaining!
What would you choose?


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2 thoughts on “Why Should Men Read Women Blogs?

  1. Takeaways,
    Read to understand.
    Understand to accept.
    Accept to act.
    Act to reap the secret of harmonious relationships.❤

    1. Absolutely! You got it.

      It’s imperative men invest into knowing women, if they are genuinely interested in working on their relationships.

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