Hello there, I am Hanks and I am a Parrot. That’s not the point though, the point is that “I am a Happy Parrot.” But I wasn’t like this always.

I was bought at a fair, as a birthday gift for a little boy, from a circus owner, who let go of me after I suffered an injury and lost my right eye. Not that I was disheartened or anything about leaving that living purgatory, but then I hadn’t really known anything else all my life.

Despite all my talents waiting to be acknowledged, my master deemed me fit for only one task – Stealing. I used to pick pockets, watches, wallets, and SUNGLASSES! Yes, my master had a penchant for Sunglasses and my job was to bring him the best from the crowd. One day, even after trying for hours, when I couldn’t bring a pair for him, he lost his temper and burnt my right eye with a burning cigarette. And just when I thought the assault was over, he pounced at me again, unimpressed with his work, held my fragile body already in pain, and broke my left wing.

I didn’t remember how long I kept lying on the floor, only to having woken up in a seedy cage. Bruised, hurt, and blinded in one eye, I was waiting for death to finally swallow me, when two humans brought me home with them. That day, I knew my life was going to be changed and sure it did.

My new master was a strange looking boy; his face was too big on his small body, his eyes were stretched back into the forehead, and the nose was a tad crooked to the side. I never heard him utter a word. He only screamed all day and every time he did, a woman in a white dress would come running and wipe the drool off the corner of his mouth. I could tell, even with one eye missing, he was God’s creation gone wrong.

But behind that distorted face, was a kind heart. He never talked like his parents did, or yelled like my cruel ring master, but then we didn’t need any words to communicate, we created our own language and soon became friends.

My life, now, was all about making my little master smile. So, I did what I knew best, I stole.

I would lay my beak on guests’ wallets, rings, keychains, and sunglasses and bring them to Kevin to play. I could tell he loved the game. Soon it became known to every guest where to find their lost belongings and no one seemed to have any issues with our pass time, until one day, while trying to pull a handkerchief from the side pocket of an Insurance guy, who had come to meet Kevin’s father, my foot got stuck in the cushion lying on the couch and as any thief would meet its fate someday, I got caught.

The man yanked me by my feathers, gripping my neck in his hand. I screeched in pain, digging my beak in his hand to get away. That’s when I saw Kevin running out of his room, my pain clearly reflecting on his innocent face and that was the last thing I saw, before I flew off the window not looking back.

I never saw my little master again.

You must be thinking what happened to me after I left Kevin, well – I found a new home.

I live on a maple tree now, right across the road from a museum. It’s a busy street and I often see people going about their day, making way through busy pavements, in a hurry to reach somewhere I have no idea about. Sometimes I wonder, if they also have masters, and If their masters treat them well.

Some days, I think about Kevin too.

Most of my days are spent on the tree, sitting on the lowest branch. With only one wing, it’s the highest I can go. But I am okay with that as it keeps me close to Chris.

Oh, I forgot to tell you about Chris, he is my friend. I don’t have a master anymore, and it feels strange, but Chris says it’s a good thing. He believes no one should have a master.

Chris too is blind, but in both eyes. He plays guitar on the streets, by the day and sleeps under the tree, by the night.

Sometimes, I wonder what life has in store for me. But right now, in this moment – I feel happy!


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