4 Things To Be Prepared For In Life

Growing up, we were told that the world is big and beautiful, and that it is good and welcoming. While this is true to some extent, what we encounter in our everyday lives, doesn’t always resonate with our early learnings (can’t blame our Pollyanna parents, can we?). Hence, in the absence of any prior preparation, we do what we can do best – We go through life and learn our lessons. Lessons that, most of the times, feel like an extremely hard pill to swallow.

I don’t have to tell you that Life is tough. With all the highs and lows that are literally thrown our way, it sure does keep us engaged, but more often than not, the lows are felt more like blows we all take our own sweet time to recover from.

If you ask me, it’s the part where we process that something has actually transpired to us, is the hardest to deal with. That’s what takes us by surprise – throwing us into the waves of emotional and mental churning within, eventually pushing us to accept our reality. The intensity of experiences might vary for us , but we all know the feeling.

Here’s what I feel we all need to be prepared for, and there is always more around the corner:

1. Not Everything/Everyone Is Here To Stay:

Take a closer look at your life. Yes, go down the memory lane as they say, tracing your life from the time of conception up until now. Though I doubt you’d remember every bit of it, still how many and how much have been retained and to what extent?

Friendships are left behind, relationships end, gadgets go kaput. Most of the people, circumstances, and things, in our lives, have an expiration date to them. Not everything/everyone is meant to stay, you see.

And so, being open to the possibility (and accepting) that things will come to an end one day, one or the other way, will help us absorb the shock, that suddenness of some experiences bring along, in a less painful way.

Look at it like this – Everything/everyone serves a purpose in our journey, when that purpose is fulfilled, it’s time for them to leave. And – that’s okay!

2. People Will Betray You:

If you have ever been betrayed, you’d know how hard of a smack it is in your face, especially when you don’t see it coming. It isn’t the blow per se, but the one who delivers it – that’s the most arduous part to stomach. A betrayal can be traumatizing in many ways – making us question our beliefs, situations, the people involved and even ourselves.

Although it’s practically impossible to never experience the painful backstabbing, being watchful of whom we put our trust in, might reduce the chances of us getting hurt.

The art of detachment can also come to our rescue in such situation. It’s better we learn it along the way.

Whatever it is, just remember – Betrayal is a choice that someone makes, and how you deal with it – well, that’s YOUR Choice.

3. You Will Fail / Get Rejected:

You might have excelled in studies all your student life, cleared every single interview you ever appeared for, received every possible award in your career, managed to woo every guy/girl you laid your eyes on – Still, nothing makes you failure-proof.

Some people experience rejection in the early phase of their lives, some in the later, and for some, Failure is like a toxic ex – it comes and goes.

Like the adage – There’s a first time for everything, believing that something which hasn’t happened yet, will never happen, is something that never happens. Confusing enough? It sure is!

All we really can do is to give our best and leave the rest.

4. Health Issues Can Surface Anytime:

To say that we are living in uncertain times will be an understatement, especially after what we witnessed in 2020, and in times like these, the possibility of developing a health condition can’t be ruled out.

No amount of balanced diet, exercising, or meditating can guarantee health without hiccups. Every day we hear people leading disciplined lives, get diagnosed with serious health threats. What does that tell us?

I am not proposing that we should stop taking care of ourselves, eating healthy or staying active – not at all – I am just stating a point that we are always susceptible, no matter how fit we think we are.

For most of the physical manifestations of diseases/illness, the emotional body we carry is often believed to be the underlying cause. Therefore, if you think diet and workout alone are enough, think again! It’s time we pay attention to our emotions and thoughts too, and try to create a regime that focuses on our holistic well-being.

A well-thought-out medical insurance, as one of my friends always suggests, is the need of the hour!

We can’t be prepared for everything in life, among other brutal truths, that’s a fact too! Life is always going to be what it is supposed to be – a mixed bag of experiences. Isn’t that what Human existence is all about?

No matter what happens in life, being prepared helps us bounce back in style. Try it some time!


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