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Understand The Power Of Female Friendships (And Invest In Them):

I presume we all have heard the word “Bromance,” haven’t we? Now raise your hand if you are equally familiar with the words like “Sismance or Womance?” Did you really raise your hand? Kidding! But you got the drift, right! Many leading online dictionaries also (my favorite “Cambridge” included) don’t recognize the words as yet, but I assure you, they do exist.

A lot has been said about friendship between women. If we go by the cliched vantage point on women bonds, oftentimes they are perceived as less-than-glorious. But the truth is – They aren’t. Take it from someone, who has had more male friends than female, all her life. Now don’t get me wrong, I have had some great guy friends, however, over time I have come to realize how beautiful female bonds can be , if we have the right women by our side.

It always takes something remarkably transforming in our lives to be able to see our blessings, and 2020 has brought that opportunity for many of us. Staying cooped up within the four walls of my compact city dwelling, struggling with health issues, career doubts and disappointing connections, the only thing that has kept me sane, all these months, is some very dependable females in my life. And when this realization “how fortunate I am to have them” hit me, I thought why not to send a gentle reminder, to each one of you, to take a moment and cherish the women in your lives too.

Here is why I think it’s a blessing to have a female friend(s):

A Female Friend Will Understand You Better:

Women are emotionally GIFTED. Yes, not emotionally oversensitive or emotionally weak, they are emotionally GIFTED (How we use that gift, is subjective). Our experiences and struggles are similar, though our fates don’t have to be, therefore a woman is more likely to understand you and can offer much needed emotional  support. It’s heartwarming  to see how she transforms from being a friend into an elder sister and sometimes a mother, in your most vulnerable times.  

If you ever go into an outpour of emotions, she wouldn’t brush it away by calling you a drama queen or telling you that you are exaggerating the whole context, instead, she would know exactly what to say and might just quote her own experiences to show you that she absolutely gets it.

What else would you call someone who truly understands you – A BLESSSING!

Female bonds Are More Lasting:

We all want lasting bonds, don’t we? In fact, we all want things and people to stay in our lives forever. Though a famous proverb suggests that – “All good things must come to an end” – It doesn’t have to be the case with female comradeships.

Friendships, just like other relationships, evolve with time. Your bestie may get married and eventually occupied with her new life, but it would hardly change the essence of your bond. You can still share your darkest secrets with her, hang out on movies and shopping, or even call her over for a slumber night, every once in a while.

Once, one of my gals, who happens to be happily married, asked me to keep her number on my speed dials and call her at any time if need be. In her words – “I’d come running (with my husband in tow).”

I wonder how much of all of this will be possible, if our married bestie happens to be a guy!

Satiates Your Sense Of Belonging:

One of the hardest lessons I have learnt in life is recognizing the indispensability of having a Tribe you can call yours. No matter how fiercely independent you are, you can’t possibly thrive all solo. If you go about managing your struggles all alone, you are imminent to wear off sooner than later, and invite all kinds of health troubles on the way (believe me, I’ve been there).

The need to belong is innately embedded in us, and so we inadvertently seek out emotional fulfillment in our connections, that’s where having a strong “gang of girls” by your side will bring the sense of acceptance and support to your world.

It’s a different feeling when you know your girls have got your back, no matter what.

Will Help Expand Your Social Network And Awareness Too:

Need to find a dermatologist for that pesky acne that wouldn’t go? Or need inputs from a female for your first solo travel? Your girl pal is always ready to connect you to people from different fields and of interests, and help expand your network in so many ways. Not to forget, for all the single ladies out there, chances are she has already tried to play cupid for you (BTW, how did it go?).

I have been able to network with some fascinating women, who share similar aspirations or have had similar life experiences, and all of them were introduced to me by one of my female friends.

Now don’t feel pressured to go out on a deliberate hunt for such wonderful ladies, though, it isn’t a bad idea either – joining Female groups on FB or Instagram can be a great idea to start with. But don’t feel disappointed, if you don’t have such bonds right now (I too have developed them over time), what I am asking of you is to be on a lookout for them for sure. Recognize and cherish them, if you are privileged to already have them and be open to welcome them whenever you find them.

Who is that wonder lady in your life? Let me know in the comment section below.


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